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Why Become a Credit Union member?
First, let’s talk about what a Credit Union is. A Credit Union is a member owned not-for-profit organization. Simply put, that means that if you are a member, you own a piece (a share) of our credit union, you have a say in how we do business.

Who runs the Painesville Credit Union?
The Painesville Credit Union, like all other Credit Unions is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, who set the policy and procedures and who go through an election process every three years, giving the opportunity for a portion of the board to be reelected, or for someone new to be voted in. As for day-to-day operations the CEO and her management staff are charged with that responsibility.

What up front separates a Credit Union from a Bank?
The goal of Painesville Credit Union is to meet the financial needs of our members through superior financial services in a friendly professional mannerWe make it a priority to hire and continually train our staff and member service reps to be knowledgeable in all of our products and services along with understanding our credit union philosophy of excellence, integrity, empathy and family.

Can I get rates just as good as banks?
We offer most of the exact same product you can find at a bank, there is no secret there. Our rates are competitive and sometimes, even better. Always ask!

It is not just a Credit Union being different; it is how we treat you, the member, which is different.

We want you to be financially sound, and make good decisions when spending your hard earned money. We offer services such as loan pre approval so you know what a loan product is going to cost you before you make that purchase. We also offer financial counseling so that if your finances aren’t where you want them we can help get them there by developing a plan with you to help you reach your goals
We need to be financially successful to keep our doors open to serve you. At the end of the day however, we see you sitting across from the loan officer, we see the member of the local charity we have supported for years, and we look forward to hearing the kids come in and our CEO laughing along with them.  We look forward to having the ability to be in a position to serve our community in authentic identifiable ways.  

Why become a Painesville Credit Union member?

Visit us today, and we will share our story with you.

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